Please log in to your tenant portal to submit an Online Maintenance Request for all non-emergency and routine maintenance. We will do our best to have the issue resolved within 48 hours. If supplies or parts are needed to complete your request, we will notify you when we will be returning to complete the repair. For all emergencies, please call our office line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Examples of EMERGENCIES are:

  • broken water pipe or flooding of your unit
  • no heat
  • no water
  • fire (call 911 first!)
  • smell of gas or possible gas leak (call 911 and leave your residence immediately!)
  • total back up of the plumbing system
Examples of NON-EMERGENCIES are:

  • noise complaints or parking disputes
  • being locked out of your residence
  • no air conditioning
  • no hot water
  • toilet or sink back up (clog)

A submitted Maintenance Request serves as your authorization for access to your residence. If you have pets, it is your responsibility to secure them so they do not interfere or make it impossible to enter your residence to make the repair. If any maintenance is a result of tenant damage or neglect, you will be responsible for all labor, parts and costs associated with the repair.